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First, I’m sorry that this post is five million years late. Feel free to throw rotting fruit and small animals at me.

Second, thank you to everyone who participated in this round! You’re probably wondering who made what for whom (unless you’ve already figured it out XD), so I’m proud to present the reveal post! I did pinch hits for a few people I never heard back from, and there are still some entries I’m waiting on (;__;), but if you’re around and would still like to submit something, feel free to drop me a message!
Untitled for bearit by nuakiire
Cohabitation for beboptilyoudrop by noodlesoother
TBA for beruichi by starianprincess
Man, I feel like a woman for desdemona_marx  desdemona_marxby hornithorynque
Babel for goldbandlily by melissa_42
Play ball for gosaperillosa by beboptilyoudrop
Being in love sucks for hornithorynque by maiwatanabe
Present meets future for kirishimaayama by paxdracona
All I wanted was danger for lindenmae by saxon_dogs
In the cicada’s cry for maiwatanabe by lindenmae
A real relationship for makemegray by goldbandlily
Fairytale for neko11lover by gosaperillosa
Excuses and explanations for noodlesoother by melissa_42
A lifetime in waiting for nuakiire by neko11lover
Desperate measures for paxdracona by kirishimaayama
My brother’s keeper for pollinia by beruichi
This time won’t you save me for saxon_dogs by makemegray
TBA for shirosaki173 by pollinia
Scent for starianprincess by melissa_42

For saxon_dogs

Title: This time won't you save me
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: None
Summary/Prompt: 8059 career!au: as journalists, baristas, lawyers, policemen, undertakers, cat burglars, whatever!
A/N: Not sure how much I followed the prompt honestly...I sort of saw policemen and ran with it, sorry about that and the lateness!

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For Hornithorynque

Title: Being in Love Sucks
Rating: NC - 13 (? not sure xD I was never good with this...)
Warnings: Very VERY implicit sex... (I wanted to write smut, but it wasn't this time D= Sorry xD)
Summary: Baseball team have problems to buy new material. So, they decided to make a Baseball Calendar and the most famous boys on the team got their own special Only Calendar! And guess what? Yamamoto has got a Yamamoto Only Calendar (duh~)! Well, now... What is Gokudera thinking about his lover showing off half naked, huh...?

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mod note

 If you haven't seen a fanart or fanfic for you yet, have no fear!  I'm still waiting on a few people who have asked for extensions, so the reveal post will probably put up sometime closer to Sunday or Monday than today.  I hope you are all enjoying the submissions up so far; look forward to a few more in the next couple of days. ^^

For bearit

Title: Untitled
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: For the prompt G/Ugetsu - Winter romance fluff. Doesn't necessarily have to be holidays-related (but can be if you want). They're very in love and happy and it's a winter setting. --- I liked the other prompts given but they fit more for a fanfic so I ended up picking the most general one :B

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For nuakiire

Title: A Lifetime in Waiting
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Cursing, hints of sex, but very implicit.
Summary: I'm going to keep my promise, Yamamoto's letter says, Are you still waiting?

Not anymore, Gokudera writes back, but that doesn't mean that things have changed

A/N: This is set about two years after canon, and disregards the current arc.

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For desdamona_marx

Title: Man! I feel like a woman!
Rating: R14
Warnings: Chibiporn!
Summary: (for fanfic)
Gokudera has to dress as a woman during a mission : fake boobs, sexy dress and wig. With Yamamoto, he has to spy a family to collect some information, but the information collected are kind of unexpected. (tatatata suspense)

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