March 3rd, 2011


For lindenmae

Title: (All I Wanted Was) Danger
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: torture, violence, cursing
Summary: When your partner is too busy making nice with the ladies to remember the mission, you just gotta do all the work. (for fanfic)

Notes: 8059 Thank you, Alias and Nikita 2010 for providing the secret agent formula in my life. Title is from the eponymous song by The Milk.
From the prompt: 8059 Spy Au, Gokudera has all the gadgets but Yamamoto gets all the ladies. Gokudera is not amused and Yamamoto only wants Gokudera. Insert 007 love gadgets and possible torture scenes here. I hope this serves well. Enjoy!

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For desdamona_marx

Title: Man! I feel like a woman!
Rating: R14
Warnings: Chibiporn!
Summary: (for fanfic)
Gokudera has to dress as a woman during a mission : fake boobs, sexy dress and wig. With Yamamoto, he has to spy a family to collect some information, but the information collected are kind of unexpected. (tatatata suspense)

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