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Welcome to the 8059 Fan Swap! This is a fanart and fanfiction exchange for pairings of any combination of Gokudera, Yamamoto, G, and Ugetsu from the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

How it works:

  • Submit a form with your prompts, likes, and dislikes at the sign-up post between December 8th and 22nd.
  • Watch the community for updates.
  • After sign-ups have closed, I’ll send out your assignments.
  • Choose one prompt to work on, and submit your final product, which should be at least lineart or 1,000 words, about two months later.
  • Send your finished product to 8059fanswap @ gmail . com.
  •  A mod will post each submission over the course of a week.
  • Once the reveal post is up, you may then post your work wherever else you would like. Sounds fun, right?


  • Works must have a pairing combination that includes at least two of the following characters: Gokudera, Yamamoto, G, and Ugetsu.
  • To participate, sign up here between December 8th-22nd.
  • If you need to back out after you have signed up, please email [insert email] as soon as possible so your assignment can get passed on to someone else.
  • Minimum for fanart is lineart. Minimum word count for fanfiction is 1,000.
  • If you write fanfiction, please get a beta or make sure to proofread your work. Also, be sure to send your fiction with the html tags already in place.
  • Do not post your exchange piece anywhere until after the reveal post goes up.


Where do I sign up?
The sign-up post is here.

When do I sign-up/submit my work/post my work?
You can find the timeline here.

So, what pairings can I request?
Yamamoto/Gokudera, Gokudera/Yamamoto, TYL!Gokudera/TYE!Yamamoto, Ugetsu/G, G/Gokudera, etc. I think you get the idea. :D

Do I post my work to the community myself?
No, since this is an anonymous exchange, a mod will post your pieces. After the reveal post goes up (March 5th), you may post your work to your own page or wherever else you would like.

Do I need to write smut?
No, this is not a smut community. You may request any rating for the work you receive, and you can specify what rating you are willing to draw or write. If you want smut, request it. If you can only draw G rated pieces, note that in your submission form.  If you are underage, please do not request or indicate that you are willing to write or draw NC-17.

What happens if I sign-up and then can’t participate?
When you sign-up for the exchange, it’s basically a promise to give art or fic to another participant. We don’t want anyone writing an awesome fanfic and getting nothing in return. However, I understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control might force you to drop out. If this happens, please send an email to  8059fanswap @ gmail . com as soon as possible so we can get a pinch hitter to take your assigned prompts.

What is a ‘pinch hitter’?
A pinch hitter is someone who takes over an orphaned prompt if a participant is forced to drop. This is so everyone who participates gets something in return. If you would be willing to pinch hit, please indicate this in your submission form. Since pinch hitters will have less time to work on their prompts, there will only be a requirement of 500 words for fanfic.

I noticed that on the request form there is room for three prompt requests. Does this mean I need to draw or write three prompts in return?
No, having three requests give participants a chance to pick a prompt that fits them. You will only receive one piece, and you only need to write or draw for one prompt.

Can I do fanart and fanfic?
If you want to do two submissions, please consider signing up as a pinch hitter.

What are the minimum requirements?
Lineart or 1,000 words. There is no maximum limit.

If I write fanfic, do I need a beta?
Please, please, please either get a beta or proofread your fic yourself.

I can’t write or draw, but I love 8059. Can I read the submissions?
Of course! Feel free to watch the community and shower your love on all the submissions! ^^

Can I pimp the community on my LJ?

If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to leave a comment.
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