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For Hornithorynque

Title: Being in Love Sucks
Rating: NC - 13 (? not sure xD I was never good with this...)
Warnings: Very VERY implicit sex... (I wanted to write smut, but it wasn't this time D= Sorry xD)
Summary: Baseball team have problems to buy new material. So, they decided to make a Baseball Calendar and the most famous boys on the team got their own special Only Calendar! And guess what? Yamamoto has got a Yamamoto Only Calendar (duh~)! Well, now... What is Gokudera thinking about his lover showing off half naked, huh...?

Oneshot – Being in Love Sucks

- So, that’s it.

- Let me see. You’re telling me your idiot baseball club is making a calendar to raise funds... And, that you’re posing for photos to make a “Yamamoto Only Calendar”. And... You’re asking me to authorize you to do it?

There were a cat, a swallow and a dog, the first one sitting on the sofa, the second was on top of the dog’s head and the third one laying down on the floor just next to the same sofa, the trio stared at two people talking in the small kitchen of that apartment, just next to the living room where all the animals stayed.

- Fucking no, idiot. – The silver haired one answered with an angry tone without even looking at the other.

- Eh? But, Gokudera~. There’s going to have a big tournament soon, we need to get new materials! But the club didn’t receive much from the school, so we’re going to make it on our own! It will be fun~! – The taller one tried to convince his dear person.

- Let me think again... – Gokudera turned around and stared at nothing with a finger on his chin. – Ah! The answer is… “no”...? – With that ironic phrase he turned back to mince some meat for their dinner.

- But, Hayato~.

- Don’t call me that.

- Hayatooo~ – The raven haired youth embraced his lover by his waist from the back.

- Y-You idiot! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! I’m making dinner! – The three animals kept staring at their owners a little worried that the knife the green eyed boy had in his hand would hurt someone.

- But we really need new material and I want to help! – The Japanese youth kissed the back of his lovely boyfriend’s head.

- I’m telling you, Yamamoto. If you don’t stop fooling around, I’ll kick you out of my house and uwah! – Before he could finish his sentence, the swordsman’s hands made their way under his shirt and touched his pale belly. –Stop it already! You’re not going to talk me into it by doing this kind of idiot things!

- Haha! But this doesn’t have anything to do with what I was talking, Gokudera!

- You...! – The Vongola right hand man left the knife and turned to his “friend” to make him pay for what he did grabbing Yamamoto by the collar of his T-shirt.

- But, I was serious about wanting to help my friends from the club. – Those chocolate eyes deep stared into those emerald beautiful Italian ones.

-... Damn it... – The Storm Guardian sighed and let the other go. Fine, those eyes full of resolve always told him his lover wasn’t going to stop. The same eyes when he said he’d protect his friends forever. – Do whatever you want, brainless idiot...

- Yay! Thanks, Hayato! – The black haired boy smirked and kissed the smaller one’s forehead.

- S-Stupid! Don’t do this kind of embarrassing stuffs! – To hide his red face, the dynamite user went back cooking pretending he didn’t like it.

- Hehe... Oh, yeah, Hayato! Will you want my calendar too? – The baseball player asked innocently.



He can do whatever, I couldn’t care less.” A silverrete guy walked on the school corridors at heavy steps as he scratched his head. Summer was horribly hot and Gokudera Hayato kept his hair a short ponytail so he could refresh his nape.

- Kya~! Did you see Yamamoto-senpai pictures?! I want them soooo much! – Two girls walked in the opposite direction, talking about the damn calendar.

What kind of pictures was he taking anyway?! The pianist couldn’t help but get more pissed off. Moreover, what kind of boyfriend would show off like that? Wasn’t he who started this “lover” thing? Getting authorization wouldn’t make the photos get any less attractive for those idiot fangirls... And maybe some fanboys... Ok, that was starting to get really annoying.

- Gokudera~! – Takeshi passed his arm over the Italian shoulder, greeting as always. – ‘Morning!

- Get off me, baseball idiot. Weren’t you taking your pictures for the calendar? – The last part was said with a bit of non-intentional sarcasm, which the taller one noticed quite fast.

- What’s up, Hayato? – Yamamoto smiled ironically.

- I-Idiot! I already told you to not call me by the first name! – The Storm Guardian blushed, getting angrier at the other.

- Haha, ok ok. – The baseball player got closer to his boyfriend’s ear. – For one second, I could swear you’re jealous, Hayato~.

A hot panic sensation rushed through the silverette entire body, he could feel chills on his spine. Oh man, how he hated being in love, feeling those kinds of ridiculous stuffs. If it was any other person, just some whispers on his ear would mean nothing in fact, he’d kick that person’s ass for good. But that brainless idiot sexy voice always made his legs weaker. Calling by his name was almost cowardice. But, after all, he was Gokudera Hayato, he’d lie till the end and a little more.

- Like I’d care. – Hayato shoved his lover off and walked away quickly, turning only his head to say: – You can do whatever, have all the girls you want to and just disappear, idiot!


The door of the small apartment opened with a click from the keyhole, but the figure who got inside wasn’t the bad humored chain smoker, what made the yellow cat a little surprised. Yet, Uri enjoyed the presence of those who got in very much. An Akita dog entered wagging his tail happily because he loved to play around with his feline friend, right behind him the tall Japanese master came. That tanned skin, well modeled body, raven black hair and chocolate gentle and naive eyes were always peaceful yet very charming from any point of view.

- Hey, Uri! Hayato hasn’t come back yet? I brought you some fish leftovers from the shop. – The Rain Guardian caressed the cat who purred delighted, just then, a fast bird entered the room, landing on the living room low table.

The athlete went to the kitchen followed by the three animals. All of them obediently waited for the only human there to start cooking, thinking well, they were almost like married. It was three years since they started dating, now they were 17. Well, Takeshi was 17, Hayato was still 16, since it was summer around June. The silver haired boy told him if Jyuudaime’d know about them, Vongola’d need a new Rain Guardian, but the Japanese youth was pretty sure Tsuna already knew it, since the beginning or even before that. Probably, he was fine to play along the “I don’t know about you two” game until his right hand man was ready to talk by himself.

- What the hell are you doing here? – That was the first sentence the owner of the apartment said after entering.

- Eh... Dinner?

- Idiot, I told you not to come by without asking me first. – Smoking Bomb sat on his sofa and Jirou and Kojirou came around to greet him properly.

- But, wasn’t you who gave the keys to-…

- Fine! Fine! Don’t talk about that. – He brought one hand to hide his face, only remembering about that embarrassing scene of him giving those keys was something enough to almost kill his pride. –... I thought you weren’t coming for some time...

- Why is that? – Namimori High School baseball star player asked patiently as he took care of their meal and Hayato’s box animal kept waiting for his leftovers.

-... ‘Cause you’re an idiot with only baseball in the head!

The swordsman stared at nothing thinking for a moment then he grinned, taking the pans out of the oven and walking towards the living room with a joyful expression, which provoked chills on the Italian boy. Maybe he shouldn’t have said that, he knew that expression.

- Ha-ya-to~! – Before the so called one could avoid, his boyfriend already jumped over him making both fall down in the sofa.

- Wha-! Get off me, you bastard! – His face flushed right away.

- But you were calling me just now! – The raven haired youth kissed the pianist neck, as holding tight his writs on the sofa since his cute boyfriend wasn’t one to let him to do whatever he wanted to those times.

- Wha the-?! Who was calling you?! – Ok, if he couldn’t stop Takeshi now, he knew where that was taking them. – Kh...! S-Stop it, Yamamoto! They’re looking at us!

Not that the animal trio wasn’t used to that, they even got to see their owners “almost there” many times, but the short tempered one would always kick the other away, saying things like he shouldn’t do that in front of the box animals, it was a bad behavior and such. In the end they’d always have to take a walk and stop at Decimo’s house maybe that helped Tsunayoshi to understand at what point his friends’ relationship was?

- Eh? But Hayato is the one thinking dirty things. I did nothing yet. – That dazzling smile was surely annoying sometimes.

- What is with the “yet” part?! Go die!!

After some minutes, the couple was sitting on the living room’s table, having their dinner face to face while the box animals had their meal too. Yamamoto had a really big red mark on his face, probably a punch mark.

- Does the food taste like iron or is it only me?

- It’s your own fault, baseball idiot.

- Aren’t you exaggerating a bit, Hayato? – The Rain Guardian was really starting to get worried about his lover behavior, wasn’t Gokudera the one who said their relationship would never come first? Although Takeshi was pretty sure if they’d get in a pinch he wouldn’t think anything but Hayato.

- You are the one who is pissing me off. – There was no problem with him. He didn’t care a bit if those girls would go all “Kya! Kya!” about the baseball player, about how he looked cool when concentrating to make a homerun, or how dazzling was that pure smile, even if he had taken sexy pictures, showing off his body and... – Shit! Can’t you just die?! – Out of nothing, Gokudera stood up and took his dynamites off.

- Wha-?! W-Wait, Hayato! – Because of his good reflexes, the Rain Guardian could get his lover’s wrists again, preventing the use of those bombs.

- You annoy me so much! – Before the silver haired youth could do anything else, he was pushed down to the floor, Yamamoto above him, when their eyes met, those melting brown eyes which looked like seeing inside the soul stared at him intensely.

- I was just eating. I did nothing, Hayato.

- Start by not calling me by the first name! – The emerald green eyed boy shouted, in the eyes of Takeshi his lover looked just like a hissing cat, too afraid to be honest, too afraid of letting someone to take care of him.

- Okay. Then I won’t. – The Japanese boy sighed, Gokudera was so complicated sometimes. – Listen to me, Gokudera. You’ve been acting strange since I asked you if I could take those pictures for the calendar.

- What the-?! I never-...! – The pianist’s face turned ruby red.

- I don’t want this... – The black haired boy caressed his boyfriend’s cheek. Without realizing, the Storm Guardian wasn’t making any effort to get rid of the other. – More than helping the baseball team, I can’t live with Gokudera hiding things from me, in fact, I can’t live without Gokudera.

- I-I wasn’t hiding anything! And, d-don’t say those kinds of embarrassing things! – Shit, how could Takeshi be so straight foward? More than that, how could he not be honest at least once?!

-... Fine. I won’t force you to tell me anything. Sorry if I was seeing things. – Somehow, it felt like the baseball player was disappointed. Yamamoto narrowed his eyes, loosening his grip on the Italian’s wrist.

If that would go on, the short tempered boy was quite sure they’re not going to stop fighting. Not that they’d stop anyway, but he needed to say something, right? After three long years living and learning together, Yamamoto deserved more. How could the Namimori baseball’s ace ever choose him anyway? He could have any girl he wanted to, someone carefree and cheerful like him... He could have... Why even that thought felt like enough to make him really mad at the baseball idiot?

-... Idiot... You’re really an idiot. – Gokudera grabbed the collar of the chocolate eyed youth and kissed him before he could have any chance of standing up. At first, the Rain Guardian got a little surprised, that proud and shy beautiful transferred student taking the initiative was something to remember for the rest of his life, after that first impact, the black haired youth pressed more his body against the other, taking the lead of the sweet kiss, making it more passionate and provocative.

Am I not even more of an idiot...? Since I love you to the extent of getting this jealous...


All the chicks in the corridor would turn their heads to see Yamamoto Takeshi passing by. Yeah, three years later and that bastard got even more of an outstanding beautiful personality. He was taller than most guys, his skin was a little tanned and his body was well defined because of baseball and sword practice, that black messy hair, those melted chocolate brown eyes, so warm smile... always gentle, cheerful and easygoing.

- W-Wait...! No, don’t...

Three years... How was that even possible for someone so popular and loved by everybody to love someone like him? Wasn’t he tired of being shouted at? Many times that brilliant mind thought by himself, trying to not make that relation feel like “forever”, because he would certainly regret that. At anytime, those who he thought to be loved by would abandon him. They would disappear somewhere... Was he that bad of a person...? Or was it because everybody would leave him behind that he was that way...?

- Sorry, Gokudera. I really feel like I need you right now.

Anyway, why would everybody leave him...?

- Hm…!

There were some clothes scattered around the living room, more exactly, around the floor near the table where two bodies embraced each other almost like they would disappear if one wasn’t holding tight enough. The silverette moaned loudly as his partner pleasured him all the ways he could.

- You know, Gokudera...? – The swordsman stared at his lover’s flushed face.

- What is it at this point? – The Storm Guardian tried to ask normally, like nothing special or abnormal was going on, although his accelerated respiration showed enough, and that was all it always took to know he wasn’t in the mood for stopping their little fun.

- I wanted a Gokudera Only Calendar. – He opened a smile, a very provocative and lustful smile.

Well, red or pink wasn’t quite the color the Italian hybrid had on his face, it was something above that. His face, ears, shoulders, neck, there was no way to lie that he wasn’t embarrassed and somehow that expression of surprise, shyness and a hint of happiness was probably the cutest face Yamamoto ever saw in Gokudera until that time.

- Y-Y-You! What the-...!? U-Uh... – Vongola’s right hand man stuttered without reaction.

-... Damn you, Hayato...

- H-Huh?!

- You’re too cute! – It was even possible to see hearts coming out from them when Yamamoto Takeshi jumped on his lover, taking back from where they stopped.



- Hm... Should I just keep ignoring this situation...? – A light brown haired youth sighed a little depressed as he left bowls of food on the floor where four box animals waited.

Jirou, Kojirou, Uri and Natsu looked at each other, almost like smiling at the thought of what all of them knew and tried somehow to comfort the future Vongola boss jumping on him as asking to play with them.

- I guess I can wait for them to tell me... Well, not that I could ever take the initiative to talk about the matter... But... Why do you always come here when “that” happens?! Won’t this make it a little more obvious...?! – Tsuna concluded while trying his best to play with his animal friends.

End (?!)


Hiya, I’m really sorry. I’m a horrible person. I got really late with this little project and caused lots of worries to the people who organized this event. In fact, I intended to do a much more complex and dramatic story, which turned out really REALLY big, so I discarded it for now... I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But I’ll try to update the longer one on FanFiction.

I’m sorry if the story wasn’t good, I’m not good with short stories... But I’m just making excuses... Damn it, I hope next time we get some event like this I can do better! I’ll try harder! It’s a promise!
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