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Sign-up post: Round 1

Sign-ups begin December 8th and end December 22nd.

Please read the Rules and Timeline before you sign-up. No one wants to be left without a swap gift, so please, please, please don’t flake out. If something comes up and you need to drop out, please let one of the mods know as soon as possible so we can have someone else take your assignment.

Please use the following format for all sign-ups:

Copy and paste in a comment below with your info. All comments are screened.  If you do not have a Livejournal account but still would like to participate, email your submission to 8059fanswap @ gmail . com.

Here is an example of a submission form:

lj-username: melissa_42
Email: 42 . melissa @ gmail . com
Fanfic or Fanart: Fanfic

Prompt One: Yamamoto/Gokudera – In Italy, five years later or so, with Gokudera getting frustrated over Yamamoto’s ability to get navigate his way through Italian culture without help, especially since this is an area in which Gokudera should excel over him. Maybe some talk about Gokudera’s past on the streets?

Prompt Two: Ugetsu/Yamamoto - Ugetsu comes to Yamamoto in dreams while he's in the hospital

Prompt Three: Yamamoto/Gokudera - steampunk AU, something involving a train robbery

Things I don’t like (squicks, whatever): non-con, dub-con, character death if it involves one of the main characters, female character bashing
Things I like (special requests, kinks, etc.): humor, angst, side characters (Bianchi, Shamal, Tsuyoshi, etc.), mafia violence

I can write (specialties): I'm better at writing Yamamoto and Gokudera than Ugetsu and G, but I'm willing to write either. Fluff, angst, humor, AU, smut
I can't write (squicks, characters, whatnot): Main character death, non-con, dub-con, things that are too philosophical or psychological

Maximum rating I want: NC-17
Maximum rating I can write: NC-17

I can pinch-hit: Yes

Credit to the folks at la_consorteria for the submission form, since I basically just changed a few words.
If you have any questions, please go to the FAQ/Rules post. Have fun!
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